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Create a Chat-with-me Widget

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Have you ever wanted to create a chat-with-me widget on your blog or just on a regular web page, look no further! Here are the 3 easy steps for creating a GTalk widget that can easily be included on any web page.

First, a pre-requisite: you must have a Google account. I guess most of us already have one…

Then, the steps:

  1. Go to the Google Talk chatback badge page
  2. Copy the generated HTML code into your blog/web site

Actually, that was just 2 steps, not 3. My bad.

There is one interesting thing about this chat widget: your visitor does not need a Google account to use it, but will just appear as a guest in the chat. Nice and easy for the visitor, but for you it might be problematic not knowing the visitor’s identity.

First Shot, Part Deux

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So, almost 7 months later I’ve finally managed to drag myself into a blog posting “position”. Hopefully this wont be the pattern for how long it will be between posts. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s more that I have too much to say and can never bear the thought of writing all of it down. Note to self: just write some of it down, then!

And now taking up the thread from the first post: Jekyll was the blogging engine I found which made me want to write a blog again. Then I was derailed, got mixed up with bad boys like nanoc and Nesta CMS and ended up just being confused. What should I choose?

Octopress came to my rescue! I had looked at it before, but that was pre-2.0 days. Now it just shines with great design and a lot of great features. One of the greatest are the very nice options for sharing code snippets…my code has never looked better! And it is still Jekyll-based.

Now it is just finding out the theme for the next post. What about saying something about how to get Chef to work properly under Windows, with package management and all?

First Shot

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Yes…finally I’ve found what I’ve been looking for! Or maybe not…that is, I was not actually looking for it. It just jumped down in front of me.

What I am talking about? Well…you’re kinda looking at it. Yes, it is this blog, or more exact, what I use to create this blog…

Sorry…it is late, so I need to continue this another day, I’m afraid.